Service Focused Website Redesign

Launched October 2022

Background & Objective

How might we provide important information to incoming and current students while still serving as a staff resource?

Provide a more streamlined student experience:

  • Advisors are getting similar questions in many of their meetings with students
  • The website content was written by advisors deciding what made sense for the students
  • Original site is very linear, walking through a process to graduation that isn’t always straight-forward

Methods and Tools

  • Content Audit
  • Service Ecology Evaluation
  • Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups
  • User Stories, User Flows
  • Card Sorts, Tree Test
  • Low-fi & High-fi wireframes
  • Google Analytics / Figma / Miro / Adobe Experience Manager

Key Results & Success Criteria

  • Were there a decrease in similar questions?
  • Staff feedback
  • Was there an increase in web scheduled appointments?
  • Survey / User testing feedback

Target Audience

  • Students
    • Incoming
    • Current
    • Transfer
  • Staff
    • Advisors
    • Admin
    • Leadership