Digital Scholarship: Digital Research Project

Launched October 2022

Background & Objective

How do we create a user-friendly research database for 11+ institutions with a diverse group of assets, audiences, and technical needs?

Methods & Tools

  • Audience Development
  • Personas
  • User Journeys / User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • WordPress / Figma / Miro

More About the Project

These types of digital scholarship projects are very diverse and can vary from humanities to hard science. This was a large grant funded project. The center promotes academic research and social policy that serves the common good, and this project focuses specifically on reparations.

Many of the anti-racist projects I’ve been a part of have a component of safety. This was something that I hadn’t really thought of before I was involved in this work.  We have to brainstorm ways to provide information while taking precautions with individuals contact information and office location. We also have discussions about online trolls and how the information can be misconstrued or used in ways it wasn’t intended. 

I’ve also found this to be true in slightly different ways for museum collections and culturally sensitive information.

Key Results & Success Criteria

  • Does the platform meet all requirements for asset types?
  • Is it utilized by the project team? Are they adding new content?
  • Increased web traffic around events and institutional project launches?
  • Stakeholder feedback

Target Audience

1st Iteration: Media

2nd Iteration: Community Partners

Others: Educators, General Public