Digital Scholarship: Anti-Racist Digital Research Initiative

Launched October 2022

Background & Objective

How do we create a digital archive to feature filmed oral histories to showcase the 104 Mexican American women who hold a doctorate in history and how Chicana historians transform the way we understand history?

Methods & Tools

  • Audience Development
  • Personas
  • User Journeys / User Flows
  • WordPress / Figma / Miro
  • Logo Design

More About the Project

The First 100 brings together a multi-generational team of Latinas to document the field of Mexican American history by interviewing the women who have lived it and shaped it.

Key Results & Success Criteria

  • Does the platform meet all requirements for asset types?
  • Is it utilized by the project team? Are they adding new content? Can they add new editors?
  • Increased web traffic around events?
  • Stakeholder feedback

Target Audience

1st Iteration: Faculty, Historians, Community Members

2nd Iteration: Community sourcing data updates and submissions

Others: University Admin, Media